120th Canton Fair Time Record


Many thanks to every one who are interested in our electric bikes and electric scooters at the 120th Canton Fair.
Because of all of you, we (WUXI SHENYUN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.) achieved a great success.

As a factory’s factory of electric bike, we originally manufactured all parts, then sold them to other e-bike factory in China,
they assembled and sold to the market.

To save the cost and offer the reasonable price to customer, we are assembly the whole vehicle and export to overseas market by ourself now,
and, we are creating more and more unique models which you can not find the same one at market,
moreover, the patent application from us will be more than before.

we believe that shortening the industry chain, unique design and technology innovation will benifits both our factory and customers very long time.

This fair, our Booth No. was AREA C 16.2 D20 & D21.



1. name: Electric Scooter Fight Hawk 2017
model: SY-ZY


2. name: Modern Knight 2016 (Green)
model: SY-LXQS(HK)


3. name: Electric Scooter Taurus 2017
model: SY-YN


4. name: Electric Bike Modern Knight 2017
model: SY-LXQS2


5. name: Electric Bike Partner 2017
model: SY-SYYH


6. name: Electric Scooter Traveler 2017
model: SY-XBD


This time, many customers visit our booth, most of them are very interested in our electric bike Modern Knight 2017. Several customers placed the orders after confirmation of details.
Here are some photos customers visiting our booth.

Shenyun_120th_Canton_Fair_Customer1shenyun_120th_canton_fair_customer10 shenyun_120th_canton_fair_customer9 shenyun_120th_canton_fair_customer8 shenyun_120th_canton_fair_customer7 shenyun_120th_canton_fair_customer6 shenyun_120th_canton_fair_customer5 shenyun_120th_canton_fair_customer4 shenyun_120th_canton_fair_customer2