Why Us

Why choose SHENYUN?

The advantages we have makes us such successful today:


Top Quality, Competitive Price, Satisfying Service, that’s what we are offering!


Parts: SHENYUN has set up and practiced an effective parts purchasing system to assure that every single part is of top quality and fits perfectly on a vehicle since its establishment.

Electrical Motor: Owning to our historical technical background, we are capable of developing and manufacturing electric bike motors. Most of our electric bikes and electric scooters are equipped with Chinese Best Motor which enjoy a great reputation in both domestic and international markets. Check out our warranty clause on the motors at Warranty

Quality Control: We have set up a whole quality control system(QCS) that makes sure every single vehicle is manufactuered in a right and strict process for any Quality Inspection from the State Quality Inspection Bureau and end-users’ experience as well.


China Commodity: China is now crowned as the world’s factory and also famous for its extremely competitive prices in the global markets. Motor vehicles, high-tech products though, are of no exception.

Direct from Source: You are buying from the source in China. SHENYUN always offers the most competitive prices with top quaility you can ever find on the internet.


Phone Communications: Well trained staffs with fluent speaking English are right here by the phones to help you out with the ordering, marketing, shipping or any other questions you might come with. Big time difference may it be, we are glad to reach you through international phone calls within 24 hours in your convenience. Click for our Contact details

Technical Support: Professional and experienced technicians are always here for any technical questions, which are to be replied within 1 business day.



Total Trust, Maximum Profit, that’s what you are enjoying!


Mutual Trust: All SHENYUN staffs are required to be honest on the products they are producing or selling or to the customers they are dealing with. Stupid tricks might work one time, but never come to twice. We confidently believe that, we will come into a solid mutual trust and satisfaction as soon as you get your first order on hand.


Sales Profit: SHENYUN is offering you the most competitive wholesale price from China directly. Experiences tell us that customers can make at least 60% of profit out of one product.

Service’s Credit: Our services such as marketing consultation and shipping arrangement will help you avoid unnecessary expenditures.



Constant Reorders, that’s what we are both expecting!


Our Dedications: We never meant to live on the first order. We put our great effort in the whole process of order to help your business grow and bloom: market consulting, products customization, products manufacturing, QC conducting as well as ocean freight arrangement.

Facts: SHENYUN enjoyed a steady growth of 30% on revenue since its foundation. In the past year of 2013, our customers’ reorders took great credit for the 12% growth reaching a revenue of 18 million US dollars.